Efficient Stump Grinders in Australia: Tackling Hardwood Stumps with Ease

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Updated: Aug 22


When it comes to removing stubborn tree stumps from your property, a powerful tool like a stump grinder can make the task considerably easier. In Australia, where hardwood species are prevalent, having access to reliable equipment is essential. One such option is the Woodland Mills PTO Stump Grinder WG24, available at Old Talgai. In this post, we will explore the uses and benefits of stump grinders, particularly in the Australian context, with a focus on handling hardwood efficiently.

Pto stump grinder operating

Unleashing the Power of Stump Grinders:

Stump grinders are specialized machines designed to grind away tree stumps below ground level. They are equipped with rotating cutting discs or teeth, allowing them to efficiently reduce stumps to wood chips or mulch. The Woodland Mills™ PTO Stump Grinder WG24 offered by Old Talgai is a prime example of a robust and reliable solution suitable for a variety of stump removal tasks.

Tackling Australian Hardwood:

Australia boasts an array of hardwood species known for their durability and strength. However, these very qualities can make tree stumps from hardwood trees particularly challenging to remove. Stump grinders like the WG24 are specifically engineered to handle such demanding tasks. Equipped with heavy-duty 24in (61cm) steel flywheel with 34 tungsten carbide cutting teeth, these stump grinders can effectively pulverize hardwood stumps, making light work of even the most resilient timbers.

stump grinder in use

Efficiency and Versatility:

One of the notable advantages of stump grinders is their efficiency. By rapidly reducing tree stumps to small wood chips, they eliminate the need for extensive digging or manual labor. This time-saving feature is especially valuable when dealing with numerous stumps or larger projects.

The PTO Stump Grinder WG24 Advantage:

The Woodland Mills™ PTO Stump Grinder WG24, available at Old Talgai, offers several features that make it a reliable choice for Australian hardwood stump removal:

Power and Durability:

The WG24 is built to handle the tough challenges posed by hardwood stumps. With a heavy-duty 24in (61cm) steel flywheel with 34 tungsten carbide cutting teeth and robust construction, it delivers powerful performance and longevity.

stump grinder pto power

Ease of Use:

Designed to be attached to the PTO of a tractor, the WG24 is straightforward to operate. Its user-friendly design and adjustable features allow operators to adapt to various stump sizes and ground conditions. This stump grinder pairs well with tractors in the 20-50hp range (15-45hp @ the PTO) hydrostatic transmissions are highly recommended however a clutched tractor with creeper gears (sub 300 meters per hour) is also capable of running this machine.

Safety Measures:

The WG24 prioritizes operator safety with features such as a Chip shield and a clutched PTO shaft to allow slippage in the event of a flywheel jam.

pto shaft for stump grinder


Stump grinders play a vital role in efficiently removing tree stumps, particularly in countries like Australia, known for its hardwood species. The Woodland Mills™ PTO Stump Grinder WG24, offered by Old Talgai, stands out as a reliable choice for tackling hardwood stumps with ease. Its power, durability, and user-friendly design make it an ideal tool for both arborists and homeowners looking to maintain their outdoor spaces. Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of stump grinders to bid farewell to those stubborn stumps and reclaim the beauty of your property. Visit Old Talgai’s website today to learn more about the PTO Stump Grinder WG24 and its capabilities.

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