I Like Big Sawmills & I Cannot Lie; The HM136MAX from Woodland Mills

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Big news in the Portable Sawmill Game today! Woodland Mills™ have release the HM136MAX™! Packed full of features and the large new capacity this machine is sure to excite timber enthusiasts. In this Old Talgai article we will dive into the new beast and all it entails. Woodland Mills™ asked themselves this “Why shouldn’t a 36″ sawmill cut a 36″ wide board?”. They went on to engineer the new sawmill to do just that. The HM136MAX™ features their new “Fullcut™” Saw head, which allows you to keep the best asset from your logs… THE WIDTH! completely intact.

HM136MAX™ Portable Sawmill

$ AUD/NZD PRICE TBA! – Keep an eye out as we will update this blog once pricing is available.

Arriving Summer 2023

The HM136MAX™ stands as the paramount solution tailored for precisely cutting expansive live edge slabs, making it ideal for crafting tabletops, counters, benches, and more from robust Australian hardwood. Its standout feature is the Fullcut™ sawhead, harmoniously aligning a 36” (91 cm) log capacity with a matching 36” (91 cm) cut width, ensuring the preservation of your logs’ widest assets.

Crafted with a rugged 4-post head design and a fortified welded back beam, the HM136MAX™ provides an unwavering foundation for potent cutting, propelled by a high-output 21 HP Honda GX630 V-twin engine, making it perfectly suited for Australia’s diverse hardwoods.

This mill comes replete with ingenious standard features, such as an automatic gas and go blade lubricant system that springs to life when the throttle is engaged, along with the RapidChange® blade system, facilitating swift, tool-less blade changes. As the most cost-effective and durable wide-cut sawmill in its class, the HM136MAX™ Portable Sawmill embodies the pinnacle of wide-cutting prowess.

Woodland Mills HM136MAX In Operation


Log Diameter: Max Cut Width: 36″ / 91 cm 36″ / 91 cm Max Board Thickness: Engine: 8.5″ / 22 cm 21 HP Honda V-twin

HM136MAX Key Features


Unleash the complete potential of your logs with the HM136MAX™! Equipped with our cutting-edge Fullcut™ saw head, it harmonizes a 36” (91cm) log diameter capacity with a corresponding 36” (91cm) cut width, guaranteeing the preservation of your logs’ broadest dimensions. Craft exceptional, high-value live edge boards with unparalleled efficiency.

HM136MAX Sawmill Wide capacity cut image


The HM136MAX™ is driven by the dependable 21 HP Honda GX630 V-twin engine. Infused with racing-inspired technology, the GX630 operates smoothly and operates with exceptional quietness. Their engineering team collaborated closely with Honda to ensure seamless compatibility between their engine and our sawmill, aligning perfectly with the demands of the workload and the environmental conditions it operates within.

Honda Engine on Woodland Mills HM136MAX


Woodland Mills™ heavy-duty 4-post head design is reinforced with a laser-cut welded back beam and top tubular crossbeam providing superior structure to the sawhead. The assembly is anchored between our precision laser-cut carriage side plates, to provide exceptional rigidity, and ensure smooth, accurate cuts.

Timbermill Cutting Head


The Woodland Mills™ sawmills comes equipped with a convenient gas-and-go auto lube system. This signifies that engaging the throttle handle activates the engine RPM, saw blade, and our patented auto lube system in one seamless motion. This integrated system streamlines the lumber cutting process, enhancing both speed and efficiency, while also reducing the number of steps needed by the operator.

bandsaw blade lubrication system


This sawmill features a weather-resistant aluminum lubricant tank, ensuring durability even in the harshest weather conditions. The tank is designed with a needle valve, providing precise control over the flow to the auto lube valve, allowing for fine-tuning as required. This attention to detail ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.

lubrication tank for bandsaw blade


Woodland Mills™ engineered a distinctive constant-pressure U-bushing to establish a secure link between the sawhead and the carriage posts, ensuring seamless vertical movement. Crafted from durable glass-filled nylon, these U-bushings boast an extended service life.

Saw head bushes u shaped design


The RapidChange® blade system is exclusive to Woodland Mills. RapidChange® is a tool-less approach for changing blades quickly that reduces the need for blade tracking adjustments between blade changes. Stacked Belleville washers act as a shock absorber for the blade while giving consistent blade tension in all temperatures, ensuring less stress on the blades.

RapidChange blade system Woodland Mills


The saw’s carriage wheels are equipped with a dual race bearing, offering optimal connectivity between the rolling wheel and the track surface, guaranteeing stability from the wheels to the track and up to the saw head. The radius profile in the groove and the square-topped tracks are meticulously designed to wear harmoniously over time, forming a perfectly matched set. Additionally, stainless steel wire sweepers are employed to keep the track clear of debris while in operation.

Carriage wheel bearings ideal for hardwood in australia


To reduce your assembly time, we carefully pre-assemble key components of the sawhead. Having the advantage of pre-assembled parts means you could be milling by the end of the day, instead of the end of the weekend!

Ease of assembly portable timbermill


Crafted from robust, powder-coated metal, our blade guards are engineered for durability and extended lifespan. Designed with side hinges, they offer added convenience during saw head maintenance or blade changes, effortlessly pivoting to provide unimpeded access.

blade guards strong and powder coated


The adjustable throttle assembly offers complete customization for individual needs. You can position both the throttle and push handle according to your preference based on track height, ensuring a comfortable operating experience.

sawmill throttle handle


The sawmill head smoothly traverses along a robust, machined L-channel, reinforced by heavy-duty 3″ x 6″ (75 x 150 mm) rectangular log bunks. These sturdy cross supports ensure an even distribution of the log’s weight, preventing any unsightly indentations and providing additional stability to the track system. Our mills are engineered to handle logs up to 10′ 5″ (3.1 m) in length using the standard track setup.

For those seeking to unlock unlimited length potential, optional 6′ 5″ (1.95 m) track extensions are available. These extensions include an extra log clamp assembly, log support, and necessary bunks, enabling you to tailor the cutting length to your precise specifications. The track is equipped with 12 leveling legs, offering up to 4” (10 cm) of adjustment for optimal stability and precision.

Track Extensions Timbermill


Enhance the mobility of your HM136MAX™ by coupling it with the Woodlander® trailer. This bundled package not only elevates your working height but also grants you the flexibility to transport the sawmill to various job sites or effortlessly stow it in storage. The inclusion of leveling jacks enables swift and easy adjustment of the trailer and tracks when deployed. This dynamic combination empowers you to take your sawmill wherever you need it.

Woodlander trailer


Crafted with precision, the premium Auto-Locking Adjustable Blade Guide employs stainless steel V-rollers and a precisely machined aluminum arm. This design ensures that the guides stay in close proximity to the wood being cut, effectively minimizing blade wander for precise and controlled cuts.

auto locking blade guide

In conclusion, the HM136MAX™ Sawmill represents a significant leap forward in milling technology from Woodland Mills™. With its precision engineering, powerful engine, and thoughtful features, it’s poised to become an indispensable tool for woodworking enthusiasts in Australia. The option for track extensions and the Woodlander® trailer further enhance its versatility, making it a mobile solution for various projects. Stay tuned for its release in the summer of 2023 – the HM136MAX™ is set to revolutionize the way we work with Australian hardwoods.

See a video of the New Sawmill in Action below!

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