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The Woodland Mills bandsaw blade sharpener is a fully automated device designed for unattended sharpening of bandsaw blades. It operates on 12V DC, making it suitable for use in remote areas by way of a 12V battery.

As the blade sharpens, the feeder arm automatically moves the blade forward, while the actuated grinding disc, operated by a cam, sharpens the face and gullet of each tooth. An automatic stop will turn the machine off once all teeth have been sharpened.

This sharpener can be adjusted for tooth rake angles of 7, 10, and 14 degrees. Additionally, the gullet depth and take-off can be adjusted, allowing 1.25″ – 1.5″ (31mm – 38mm) wide blades with tooth spacing (pitch) of 3/4″ – 1.25″ (19mm – 31mm) to fit.

Bandsaw blades tend to last longer if they are sharpened after approximately 2-4 hours of milling time and before they become too dull. Dull blades that are pushed through logs can cause tiny stress cracks to form in the gullet of the tooth, which can eventually grow and cause the blades to break prematurely. However, grinding off these cracks before they become too long can help extend the blade life.

It is recommended to allow sharpened blades to rest for at least one day to allow the steel to recover. Grinding off 0.004″ – 0.008″ (0.1mm – 0.2mm) each time you sharpen the blade should allow the blade to provide a life of 4-6 sharpening’s.


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