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Product Description

The Woodland Mills Blade Tooth Setter is a convenient tool for maintaining your sawmill blades by restoring the blade tooth set to the optimal position for cutting. It’s easy to operate, compact, and helps extend the life of your sawmill blades.

Over time, sawmill blades can become dull and lose their set, which can reduce their effectiveness and result in poor quality cuts. An incorrectly set blade can cause wavy cuts, lines, or grooves in your boards, and generate excessive heat, which can lead to premature failure or breakage.

This blade tooth setter is designed to work with blades of varying pitches, widths, and thicknesses. It features a digital indicator that measures the tooth set for accuracy. The unique head design and advancement handle ensure quick and precise blade setting.

With the Woodland Mills Blade Tooth Setter, you can easily maintain your portable sawmill blades and ensure they’re always performing at their best in all timbers including hardwood.

Patent-Pending Head Design

The Woodland Mills tooth setter features a patent-pending head design that sets it apart from typical manual blade setters. This unique design allows for quicker operation and less handling of the blade.

With traditional manual blade setters, the operator would have to set the teeth on one side of the blade, remove the blade, flip it inside out, reinstall it, and then set the teeth on the other side. However, with the Woodland Mills tooth setter, the head can be easily positioned on either side of the blade, eliminating the need to remove or invert the blade. This results in faster operation and increased efficiency.

Blade Advancement Handle

The advancement handle of our tooth setter is designed to simplify the tooth setting process. Unlike traditional methods where the operator manually counts teeth and positions the blade, our tooth setter features an advancement handle that eliminates the need for manual counting.

To use the advancement handle, simply pull it all the way back and then all the way forward. This will automatically advance the blade to the next proper tooth position. This feature saves time and minimizes the risk of errors in tooth positioning, resulting in more precise and accurate blade setting.

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