HM122 Bi-Metal Blade


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Product Description

Our Bi-Metal Blade is made with two different types of metal bonded together, consisting of a cobalt rich high-speed steel tooth edge that is welded onto a flexible spring steel backing. The blade is designed to provide a balance between durability and flexibility, making it ideal for cutting hard materials such spotted gum, iron bark and all Australian hardwood.

The Woodland Mills Bi-Metal Blade is a high-quality option for sawyers using the HM122 portable sawmill. With a length of 125″ and a pitch of 3/4″(1.3TPI), this blade is designed to efficiently and effectively cut through Australian hardwood.

Like other Woodland Mills blades, the Bi-Metal Blade can typically be resharpened up to 2-3 times, helping to extend its lifespan and reduce operating costs.

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