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Brand: Woodland Mills
Weight: 448.00 kg
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The HM126-14hp portable Sawmill Stater Pack is unbelievable value for money including a spare parts kit, Cant hook and a 10 pack of blades! With new features for hobby sawyers, entrepreneurs, and seasoned woodworkers. With the RapidChange™ blade system, auto lube, an operation hour meter, wider cut capability and more, it remains one of the best valued portable sawmills in the industry for milling your hardwood forest in Australia.




Engine 14hp Electric Start Kohler
Blade Engagement System Centrifugal Clutch (Gas & Go)
Log Diameter 26″ [66 cm]
Max Board Width 21″ [53 cm]
Max Live Edge Width 24″ [61 cm]
Max Board Thickness 7″ [18 cm]
Cast Iron Bandwheel Diameter 19″ [48 cm]
Standard Cutting Length 10′ 5″ [3.1 m]
Track Width 30.5″ [77.5 cm]
Track Extension Length 6′ 5″ [1.95 m]
Levelling Feet 12
Galvanized Track Rails Yes
Track Bunks 3 x 6″ [75 x 150 mm]
Log Clamps 1x Quick Lock
4 Post Head Design Yes
Adjustable Blade Guide Yes
Blade Size 144 x 1.25″ [3658 x 32 mm]
RapidChange Blade System Yes
Auto Lubrication Yes
Lubricant Tank Size 10L [2.6gal] Aluminum
Hour Meter Yes
Finish Powder Coat Paint / Galvanized Steel
Sawmill Warranty 2-Year
Engine Warranty 3-Year
Shipping Weight 931 lbs (448 kg)



The HM126 portable Sawmill can cut logs up to 26″ (66cm) in diameter and produce boards up to 24″ (61cm) wide and 10′ 5″ (3.1m) long. It has a 4 post saw head design with a tubular back beam for rigidity, and a hand crank system to move the head up and down along galvanized steel posts or optionally a powered crank. This Sawmill is powered by a reliable 9.5hp. The HM126 features an automatic blade lubrication system and RapidChange™ blade system for quick and easy blade changes. It is designed to be accurate, smooth, and a great value for hobby sawyers, entrepreneurs, and woodworkers.


The HM126 portable sawmill can cut logs with a diameter of up to 26″ (66cm) and produce live edge boards that are up to 24″ (61cm) wide. It can cut logs up to 10′ 5″ (3.1m) long using the standard track, and the length can be extended with optional 6′ 5″ (1.95m) track extensions. Additionally, it can skim veneers as thin as 1/16″ (2mm) and cut within 1″ (25mm) of the deck, maximizing the usable board foot output.


This HM126 portable sawmill is powered by a reliable 9.5hp 4-cycle Kohler gas engine with a slant cylinder design and overhead valve for easy access. The engine is equipped with a Quad-Clean 4-stage air filtration system for maximum power and life, and an industrial centrifugal clutch system for easy operation. The engine comes with a 3-year Kohler warranty.


The HM126 sawmill head glides along a sturdy 2.5″ x

4″ (63mm x 101mm) “L” channel, reinforced by heavy-duty 3″

x 6″ (76mm x 152mm) rectangular tubing. These reinforced cross supports

are particularly useful when milling large, hardwood logs found in your

Australian forest and they ensure the weight of the log is dispersed over a

large bearing surface, preventing any indentations or damage to the wood. The

track also boasts an adjustable quick lock log clamp, allowing for secure and

stable milling. The standard track length of two 6′ 5″ (1.95m) sections

enables the sawmill to handle logs up to 10′ 5″ (3.1m) in length, but

additional 6′ 5″ (1.95m) tracks can be added to accommodate logs of any



The saw head of allows for extremely precise and consistent control. By pushing the handle in and rotating it through 16 locking positions, you can move the saw head up or down with ease. Additionally, the saw head is coupled with an acme lead screw, ensuring adjustments of unparalleled accuracy, with up to 1/64″ (0.4mm) precision. Our product also comes with traditional magnetic log scale rulers, allowing you to easily align and make accurate cuts.



 The Auto Locking Adjustable Blade Guide system of the HM126 sawmill is designed to keep the blade guides close to the wood being cut and minimize blade wandering. This premium system performs exceptionally well compared to traditional adjustable blade guides. It comes standard on the 14 hp model and available as an optional accessory for the 9.5HP it is made of stainless-steel v-rollers and a machined aluminum arm.


The HM126 portable sawmill throttle handle operates the engine RPM, saw blade and automatic lubrication system at the same time, streamlining the lumber cutting process and reducing the steps required by the operator. Additionally, the handle’s position can be adjusted for optimal comfort based on the track height.


The Woodland Mills HM126 offers an exclusive RapidChange™ blade system that allows for quick and tool-less blade changes. This innovative system reduces the need for frequent blade tracking adjustments and saves time during the cutting process. A stack of Belleville washers serves as a shock absorber for the blade, providing consistent tension in all temperatures and reducing stress on the blades.


The HM126 portable sawmill uses hardened tipped blades with

dimensions of 1.25″ x 144″ x 0.042″ (32mm x 3660mm x 1.0mm),

which can be conveniently purchased through Old Talgai. These blades have a

minimal kerf of only .080″ (2mm), allowing for the maximum amount of lumber

to be produced from each log.


The Woodlander™ and Woodlander XL trailers are the perfect solution for moving your HM126 sawmill to different locations in your hardwood forest. This package provides you with the convenience of mobility to bring the sawmill to various work sites or and for easy storage. The trailer features levelling jacks that allow for quick and easy levelling of the mill when deployed.


At Old Talgai PTY LTD, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 61 (0)439 643 384.The HM126 is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (excludes wearing parts, belts, blades & bearings). The Kohler engine is covered by a 3-year commercial Kohler manufacturer warranty and honoured through any Kohler small engine dealers. For more information, please visit the Warranty Policy.


Shipping Weight: 931 lbs (422 kg)

Manuals & Technical Drawings

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Hm126 Manual

Hm126 Drawings

Weight 448 kg


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