HM126/HM130/HM130MAX Bandwheel Belts


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Product Description

This set includes two belts, one BX series cogged drive
belt, and one BX series cogged follower belt, which are designed for use on the
bandwheels of the HM126/HM130 & HM130MAX portable sawmill. The drive belt
runs from the engine clutch to the bandwheel, while the follower belt runs on
the opposing bandwheel. It is recommended that the belts are replaced when they
are within 1/16 inch (1.6mm) of the top surface of the belt to the edge of the
bandwheel. For sawmills manufactured in 2015 and later, the recommended belt
sizes are BX79 and B57, while for sawmills manufactured in 2014 and earlier,
the recommended belt sizes are BX77 and B57.

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