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If you’re a sawyer in search of a portable bandsaw mill with a wide capacity for milling popular live edge slabs or big lumber, consider the HM130MAX. This sawmill boasts a log capacity of 30” (76cm) in diameter and can mill 30” (76cm) width, making it ideal for producing stunning high-value live edge boards. Additionally, the HM130MAX portable sawmill comes equipped with a variety of new features, including the RapidChange™ blade system, auto lube, an operation hour meter and wider cut capability among others.





Engine 14hp Manual/Electric Start Kohler
Blade Engagement System Centrifugal Clutch (Gas & Go)
Log Diameter 30″ [76 cm]
Max Board Width 29″ [73 cm]
Max Live Edge Width 30″ [76 cm]
Max Board Thickness 7″ [18 cm]
Cast Iron Bandwheel Diameter 19″ [48 cm]
Standard Cutting Length 10′ 5″ [3.1 m]
Track Width 37″ [94 cm]
Track Extension Length 6′ 5″ [1.95 m]
Levelling Feet 12
Galvanized Track Rails Yes
Track Bunks 3 x 6″ [75 x 150 mm]
Log Clamps 2x Quick Lock
4 Post Head Design Yes
Adjustable Blade Guide Yes
Blade Size 158 x 1.25″ [4013 x 32 mm]
RapidChange Blade System Yes
Auto Lubrication Yes
Lubricant Tank Size 13L [3.4gal] Aluminum
Hour Meter Yes
Finish Powder Coat Paint / Galvanized Steel
Sawmill Warranty 2-Year
Engine Warranty 3-Year
Shipping Weight 1000 lbs (454 kg)


Enhance your woodworking capabilities with the exceptional HM130MAX portable sawmill. Designed for sawyers looking to create stunning wide live edge slabs or large lumber in your hardwood Australian Forest. This sawmill boasts a 30″ (76cm) diameter log capacity and a 14HP Kohler engine, providing impressive cutting power. Additionally, the HM130MAX comes equipped with innovative features like automatic blade lubrication and the RapidChange™ blade system, making cutting more efficient and tool-less.

Built to last, the HM130MAX features reinforced steel components that are powder-coated or galvanized for long-lasting durability. This high spec sawmill is the most affordable and robust wide-cut sawmill on the market, delivering unmatched value to sawyers. Whether you’re crafting tabletops, counters, benches, or other woodworking projects, the HM130MAX portable sawmill is a reliable and efficient tool for your milling needs. Upgrade your woodworking capabilities and achieve stunning results with the HM130MAX sawmill.


The throat of the saw has been widened to match the maximum log diameter, allowing for seamless slicing through 30″ (76cm) logs without squaring the cant. Sawyers in milling in hardwood Australian forests can benefit from this feature when milling their valuable hardwood timber. With the standard track configuration, logs up to 10′ 5″ (3.1m) long can be cut. With optional 6′ 5″ (1.95m) track extensions, the potential for unlimited length is unlocked. The HM130MAX portable sawmill boasts unbelievable cut accuracy and precision, allowing for the cutting of veneers as thin as 1/16″ (2mm). Sawyers can cut within 1″ (25mm) of the deck, ensuring maximum usable board foot output. With its advanced cutting capabilities, the HM130MAX portable sawmill is a reliable tool for sawyers looking to produce high-quality slabs from your hardwood Australian forest.


The HM130MAX sawmill is powered by a reliable electric start 14HP 4-cycle Kohler gas engine, making it an ideal tool for sawyers seeking powerful cutting capabilities. Its slant cylinder design, with a cast iron cylinder bore and overhead valve, allows for easy access and maintenance. The Quad-Clean 4 stage air filtration system ensures that only clean air enters the engine, maximizing power and extending the engine’s lifecycle. A 3phase electric motor is available as an ordered option. The industrial centrifugal clutch of the HM130MAX offers easy gas-and-go operation, making it an efficient tool for sawyers in need of quick and reliable milling. The sawmill comes equipped with both electric and recoil start options. The electric start requiring a 12V battery that is not included with purchase. With its robust engine and advanced features, the HM130MAX portable sawmill is a valuable tool for sawyers seeking to mill hardwoods in your Australian forest.


The HM130MAX sawmill head glides on a rigid 2.5″ x 4″ (63mm x 101mm) “L” channel, supported by heavy-duty 3″ x 6″ (76mm x 152mm) rectangle channels. The cross supports disperse the log’s weight to prevent marking are covered with a stainless-steel cap to avoid wood staining. The track has two adjustable quick-lock log clamps and consisting of two 6′ 5″ (1.95m) sections, expandable with the purchase of optional extensions for any log length. This sawmill is a reliable tool for efficient and precise bandsaw milling of lumber in Australia.


The HM130MAX offers precise control with 16 locking locations to move the saw head up or down when you push the handle in and rotate. The acme lead screw allows for adjustments within 1/64″ accuracy. Optionally, a power drive is available to make the adjustment to sawmill head height. The sawmill also includes traditional magnetic log scale rulers for accurate cuts.


The Auto Locking Adjustable Blade Guide on the HM130MAX features stainless steel v-rollers and a machined aluminium arm, ensuring precise cuts and reducing blade wander. This premium system keeps the guides close to the wood being cut and is an improvement over traditional adjustable blade guides.


The throttle handle on the HM130MAX engages the engine RPM, saw blade and auto lube system simultaneously for efficient lumber cutting with fewer steps required by the operator. The throttle handle position is also adjustable for operator comfort based on track height.


The Woodland Mills offers an exclusive feature on the HM130MAX portable sawmill – the RapidChange™ blade system. This tool-less approach allows for quick blade changes and reduces the need for blade tracking adjustments. Additionally, a stack of Belleville washers serves as a shock absorber for the blade and provides consistent blade tension in all temperatures, reducing stress on the blades.


The HM130MAX uses Woodland Mills’ standard 1.25″ x 158″ x .042″ (32mm x 4013mm x 1mm) Woodmaster hardened tipped blades, which can be purchased through Old Talgai. The blade kerf is just .080″ (2mm), allowing for maximum lumber per log.


The Woodlander and Woodlander XL trailers boast a chassis made of laser-cut bent plates and tubular cross supports that unite with the sawmill track system to create a box-style structured chassis. This construction ensures a high level of rigidity. The trailer features a galvanized steel frame, torsion axle suspension system and tires. The LED light kit, safety chains, and 2″ (50mm) ball receiver come standard with the trailer, including stop, turn, tail, side markers, and a license plate light. The trailer is equipped with 4 leveling jacks that facilitate quick and stable setup on uneven ground. The Woodlander trailer comes in two different lengths, and an optional log loading ramp kit is available, allowing for easy loading of logs without the need for additional equipment. Additionally, the trailer package includes a sawmill head locking kit, which secures the head to the trailer during transport.

Note: Trailer is sold in Australia and New Zealand as on off road trailer. No VIN number is provided. Registration in your country or state is buyers’ responsibility.


At Old Talgai PTY LTD, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 61 (0)439 643 384.The HM130MAX is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty (excludes wearing parts, belts, blades & bearings). The Kohler engine is covered by a 3-year commercial Kohler manufacturer warranty and honoured through any Kohler small engine dealers. For more information, please visit the Warranty Policy.


Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs (454 kg)

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