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Brand: Woodland Mills
Weight: 510.00 kg
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Introducing the revolutionary Woodland Mills TF810 PRO, a PTO-driven woodchipper boasting groundbreaking Twin Flywheel Technology. This innovation translates to heightened power and efficiency, ensuring you accomplish more in less time. Specifically engineered for tractors ranging from 35 to 100+ HP, this model is tailored for the rugged demands of Australian hardwood. It comes complete with an auto-hydraulic infeed system and a generous 8″ x 10″ (20 cm x 25 cm) opening, simplifying the process of feeding branches of various shapes and sizes.
Drive System: Tractor PTO
Transport: Tractor 3 Point Hitch

Minimum HP Required (at the PTO): 35

Maximum HP (at the PTO): 100+

Hydraulic System: Standard NPT Fittings & Valves

Hydraulic Oil: 19 L / 5 gallons of ISO 46 or ISO 68

Hydraulic Pump: Direct Drive

Flywheel Diameter/Thickness: 28” x 1” thick (71 cm x 2.5 cm thick)

Flywheel Speed: 540 RPM / 1080 RPM

Belt System: 2 BX Series Belts

Flywheel Housing Design: Easy To Open Clamshell (for easy clean out and blade changes)

Flywheel Housing Thickness: 5/16″ (8mm) Thick

Flywheel Shaft: 2″ (50mm) Diameter

Number of Blades: 8 Reversible Blades

In-feed System: Self Contained Hydraulic System

In-feed Drive: Forward/Neutral/Reverse With Variable Speed (0-75 ft-min) / (23 m/min)

In-feed Roller Size: 8.25″ (21cm) Chisel Tooth

In-feed Opening:8” x 10” (20 cm x 25 cm)

In-feed Roller Pressure: Self Adjusting Gas-Charged Spring

Quick Hitch Compatible: Cat 1 Quick Hitch

Discharge Chute: 360 Degree Swivel

Chipper Base: Adjustable Laser Cut Plate Design

Finish: Powder Coat Paint

PTO Shaft: Shear Pin Protected PTO Shaft Included

Warranty: 3 Year Parts Warranty

Product Weight: 994 lb (451 kg)

Shipping Weight:1124 lb (510 kg)
Twin Flywheel Technology

A woodchipper serves two primary functions: chipping and throwing. Leveraging the presence of dual flywheels, we’ve fine-tuned the speed for each specialized function. The chipping flywheel operates at an efficient 540 RPM, delivering robust torque for potent chipping capability. This translates to the ability to handle larger materials with less demand on horsepower. In contrast, the secondary flywheel operates at double the speed, enabling swift and far-reaching material ejection. This accelerated motion significantly enhances airflow, facilitating the smooth passage of challenging lightweight, damp and leafy materials through the chip stream. Consequently, this reduces the likelihood of potential accumulation and clogging.


The TF810 PRO is compatible with tractors boasting 35 to 100+ HP at the PTO. Its sizeable infeed hopper opening measures 27” x 29” (69 cm x 74 cm), gradually narrowing down to a compact 8” x 10” (20 cm x 25 cm) aperture. Here, the 8” (20 cm) diameter infeed roller, powered by hydraulics, adeptly seizes the branches, ushering them into the chipper. This means that branches ranging from a mere ¼” (6 mm) in diameter to a substantial 8” (20 cm) in diameter can effortlessly traverse through the TF810 PRO.

Hydraulic Infeed System

The TF810 PRO employs its 8” (20 cm) diameter infeed roller to draw branches into its flywheel. This roller is powered by the chipper’s self-contained hydraulic system, providing seamless operation. Offering adaptability, the roller can be adjusted in both direction and speed, ensuring effortless feeding of branches regardless of their shape or size. The hydraulic pump is belt-driven from the main flywheel shaft, contributing to the chipper’s overall efficiency.

Stainless Gas-Charged Infeed Springs

The infeed system incorporates stainless gas charged springs, offering a higher degree of consistent force from the infeed roller when compared to traditional coil springs. This not only ensures a steady pressure as materials pass through but also introduces a damping effect that enhances the smoothness of the infeed process, particularly when dealing with varying material sizes.

8 Segmented Reversible Chipper Blades

The TF810 chipper is equipped with eight high quality hardened steel reversible chipper blades. These blades are strategically arranged in a segmented pattern around the flywheel, distributing the workload evenly on both the chipper and tractor, thereby heightening overall efficiency. Additionally, these blades offer the versatility of being flipped to utilize both cutting edges on a single blade. Secured by M10 bolts, the blades can be swiftly replaced, thanks to the user-friendly clamshell flywheel housing design. A single bolt release allows the upper flywheel housing to rotate open, granting unobstructed access to both the flywheel and chipper blades.

Discharge Chute

The chute is ingeniously designed for a full 360-degree discharge, effortlessly adjustable using two handles to achieve the desired angle. This exceptional feature allows for precise control over the direction of wood chip ejection, regardless of the chipper’s position. The chute’s terminal end stands at a convenient 66” (1.7 m) above ground level, facilitating easy guidance of wood chips into the rear of a truck or trailer. Positioned at the chute’s end is a rotatable deflector, affording even greater control over the chip’s destination. Adjust it straight for maximum distance, or angle it downwards to direct the chips precisely to the ground or into a trailer.

Folding Infeed Chute

The infeed chute on the TF810 PRO woodchipper has a large 27” x 29” (69 cm x 74 cm) opening, making it easy to feed branches with multiple limbs effortlessly. The infeed chute can also be folded up to decrease the footprint of the chipper during transport or storage.

PTO Shaft Included

Included with the TF810 chipper is the PTO shaft, complete with shear pin.

Old Talgai Quality & Customer Service

At Old Talgai PTY LTD, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 61 (0)439 643 384.The TF810 PRO is backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty (excludes wearing parts, belts, blades & bearings). For more information, please visit the Warranty Policy.


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