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The Woodland Mills lap siding attachment represents a breakthrough in sawmill accessories, enabling operators to tilt the sawmill head to create lap siding boards. This innovative design enhances efficiency and user-friendliness, surpassing conventional lap siding jigs and fixtures in performance and ease of operation.

Compatible with HM122 (2020 or newer), HM126 (2017 or newer), HM130 (2017 or newer), HM130MAX portable sawmills. Assembly is required.



Product Description

Traditionally, logs are first squared into cants on the sawmill and then stacked nearby. Later, a jig or fixture is attached to the sawmill track, and the cants are placed back onto this fixture to be cut into boards. This method involves multiple handling steps and requires tilting the fixture for each cut. At Woodland Mills, we’ve revolutionized this process with our lap siding attachment. Installed permanently on the sawmill head, it eliminates the need for removal. Operators can effortlessly tilt the entire sawmill head between indexing positions for angled cuts and secure it in place. After squaring the log into a cant, there’s no need to remove it for jig installation. Operators can adjust the saw head angle from their position, optimizing efficiency compared to walking to the side of the sawmill track. This accessory is compatible with Woodland Mills portable sawmills featuring the laser-cut plate 4-post design.


Patented Technology

Several components are fitted and clamped between the laser-cut plates on the saw head. Using a gas shock, operators can effortlessly tilt the saw head by pulling on the handle and locking it into one of the indexing slots to achieve the desired cutting angle. Returning the blade angle to horizontal is just as straightforward—simply push the handle forward. This flexibility allows operators to create angled or standard flat boards as needed, even from the same log, providing versatility according to the user’s preferences.

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Sawmill Model

HM122, HM126, HM130MAX, HM136MAX


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