Toe Board HM130MAX


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Brand: Woodland Mills
Weight: 13.00 kg


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Achieve superior quality cuts by ensuring that they are true and parallel to the grain. This can be achieved by positioning and adjusting the height of the saw blade to level tapered logs. This tool is specifically designed to be attached to your Woodland Mills portable sawmill or Woodlander Trailer series.

Product Description

This tool is designed to be attached to your Woodland Mills HM130MAX portable sawmill and is known as the Sawmill Toe Board. It can be adjusted to the desired height using either the manual hand crank provided or an impact gun. The tool is ideal for use when cutting logs with tapers, as it allows for adjustment and leveling to ensure parallel cuts with the grain, resulting in higher quality cuts. The Sawmill Toe Board is compatible with all ground mount and Woodlander series portable sawmill, and comes with a manual hand crank as part of the package.


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