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UTV Dump Trailer – Multilander™


Product Details
Brand: Woodland Mills
Weight: 375.00 kg
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Introducing the Woodland Mills Multilander™ – a supremely versatile utility dump trailer engineered for rugged off-road applications alongside your ATV, UTV, or tractor. Crafted with a robust Twin Rail chassis, it boasts a remarkable payload capacity of up to 2000 lbs (907 kg), making it the optimal choice for transporting heavy loads like dirt, logs, and firewood across your land.

What distinguishes this trailer from others in its category is its ingenious 3-mode configuration. While it excels as a conventional dump trailer, featuring enhancements for efficient unloading, its Lift and Lock Folding Side panels set it apart, allowing seamless transformation into a logging trailer with the added convenience of side-loading capabilities. Furthermore, it incorporates a mid-point hook on the winch boom and an offset hinge point on the box, enabling hassle-free rear loading of larger items such as logs or sizable game. With these groundbreaking attributes, the Multilander™ is tailor-made for a diverse array of off-road tasks.

The Multilander™ is a highly adaptable trailer that excels at handling a multitude of tasks on your property. Its versatile modes render it an invaluable addition to any off-road equipment lineup.

Technical Specifications

Construction/Finish: Powder-Coated/Galvanized Tube & Plate Steel

Axle: Walking Beam

Wheels & Tires: 4 Bolts @ 4” [101.6 mm] & 23×10.5-12 Tires

Tire Pressure: Refer to Tire

Trailer Ball Coupler: 2 in [50 mm] Pivot Hitch

Levelling Jacks: 1 Swivel Jack

Payload Capacity: 2000 lb [907 kg]

Overall Length: 133-1/16 in [3379 mm]

Overall Width: 47-⅞ in [1216 mm]

Overall Height: 62-5/16 in [1582 mm] MIN to 80-5/16 in [2039 mm] MAX

Box Dimensions: 80” [2032 mm] x 44” [1117.6 mm] x 19” [482.6 mm] (lower)

Product Weight: 685 lb [311 kg]

Shipping Weight: 826 lb [375 kg]

Tongue Weight: 82 lb [37 kg]

Box Volume: 31.8 cu ft [0.92 M3]

Dump Angle: 50 degrees

Cutting-Edge 3-Mode Configuration


Mode 1: Streamline Dump Trailer Efficieny

The Woodland Mills Multilander™ is a specialized utility trailer designed for efficient unloading of heavy loads. It features a 2500 lb (1134 kg) two-speed winch with 20′ of synthetic rope, enabling easy raising of the 1.2 cubic yard steel utility box. With a telescopic boom allowing a 50-degree dump angle, it ensures effective unloading, even of damp topsoil. The rotating boom self-aligns to the ideal lift point, minimizing effort on side loads. The hinge point split of 75% front and 25% rear maximizes dumping capacity at 2000 lbs (907 kg).

Multilander dump lift

Mode 2: Effortless Large Log Side Loading

Loading saw and firewood logs becomes a one-person operation with the side-loading features on the Multilander™. By repositioning the onboard winch and utilizing the provided ramps, you can smoothly roll larger logs, weighing up to 1000 lbs (454 kg) and measuring up to 10 feet in length,

into the trailer. This process not only saves you time but also reduces effort, as the trailer can transport the logs directly to your sawmill or bring them back to the ground with ease. To ensure stability, one of the ramps is telescopic, accommodating uneven terrain, while key stock has been welded to facilitate smooth rolling up the ramps.

Multilander Loading Ramps

Mode 3: Efficient Rear Loading of Logs and Large Game

The Multilander™ is also equipped with a mid-point hook on the boom, enabling you to secure the utility box at a 30-degree dump angle. This locks the utility box in place, providing direct support to the boom. Now, the winch line can be fully utilized to effortlessly haul up large game, logs, or any other items you need to load into the trailer from the rear. Additionally, the offset utility box hinge point further streamlines the process by lowering the rear edge of the utility box to a mere 12 inches off the ground, greatly simplifying the loading procedure.

Additional Features

Built on a Laminated Twin Rail Chassis


The chassis is constructed with thick wall 2.5″ (64 mm) square tube, CNC formed to direct loads to the central draw bar. These Twin Rails are then laminated with ¼” thick top and bottom plates, providing the necessary strength to carry 2000 lb (907 kg) while still allowing for off-road flexibility. It strikes the perfect balance between robustness and adaptability.

Chassis Multilander UTV Trailer

Lift and Lock Folding Side Panels


Designed for one-person operation, the Lift and Lock Folding Side panels require no additional tools or storage for parts. They serve as convenient side tailgates for loading various materials like dirt, branches, and debris. By reducing the load height to 28″ (711 mm) from 39″ (991 mm), these panels greatly simplify side loading. When lowered, they also create a comfortable fireside bench. Adding a plywood sheet transforms the Multilander™ into a mobile workbench or potting station.

Side Gates Multilander

Large-Capacity Dump Box


The heavy gauge steel utility box measures 80″ long, 44″ wide, and 19″ deep, providing a 1.2 cubic yard capacity. Its base frame consists of full-length 2.5″ X 2.5”, ¼” thick L rails that cradle around the chassis with rubber bumpers to reduce vibration and noise during towing. Coupled with the base frame are three structural steel ribs, offering both mounting points and strength for the utility box’s unique features.

Dump Box Multilander

Removeable And Top-Hinged Tailgates


Both front and rear tailgates are easily removable, facilitating the loading and balancing of longer items. Oversized top hinge points eliminate the need to remove the tailgates when dumping loose materials like gravel, topsoil, or yard waste. Stainless steel draw latches secure the tailgates closed, positioned high for both protection and ease of use.

Multilander Trailer Dump Tail gate

Tandem Walking Beam Suspension


Designed to keep as many tires on the ground as possible, the walking beam suspension minimizes impact on the ground and obstacles while navigating. It allows tires to walk over obstacles by redistributing the load from the leading tire to the following tire. This action enhances stability, reduces side-to-side rocking on off-road terrain, and improves overall trailer performance.

Multilander Suspension demo

Pivoting Hitch


The 2” (50 mm) ball coupler rotates 360 degrees, separating the trailer’s rotation from the tow vehicle’s. This feature ensures that off-road maneuvering won’t be affected by mutual influence between the tow vehicle and trailer. Additionally, the tongue can be flipped 180 degrees to match the height of your tow vehicle, maintaining level alignment with the Multilander™.

Multilander Tow Hitch

360-Degree Rotable Tounge Jack


The tongue jack offers full 360-degree rotation with locking positions at 90 degrees. Its removable handle stays securely in place during use, avoiding interference while the trailer is in operation.

Multilander Jack

Multiple Tire Assembly


The Multilander™ is equipped with four 22 x 11 multiply tires on 10” rims. The powder-coated rims feature valve stem protectors and include packed tapered roller bearings with a zerk fitting conveniently located inside the rim for easy maintenance.

Multilander Wheels

Old Talgai Quality & Customer Service

At Old Talgai PTY LTD, we put our customers first. If you have a question about a product you purchased, you can contact us at 61 (0)439 643 384. The MULTILANDER is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty excluding wearing parts and cosmetic damage. For more information, please visit the Warranty Policy.


Multilander Manual


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