Please read Old Talgai PTY LTD'S Warranty Policy below, Click contact us if you would like any additional information.


Old Talgai PTY LTD warrants its products to the original purchaser. Warranty is not transferable. Old Talgai PTY LTD will provide replacement parts to the original purchaser of the equipment if a valid claim is made. Proof of failure will be required in the form of photos of defective parts or examination of the affected part by Old Talgai PTY LTD


This warranty excludes normal wear and tear, commercial or rental use, modification and damage that occurs through negligence, misuse, or failure to operate and maintain equipment as instructed in the operating and maintenance instructions or the use of the product on material’s uses and in ways not designed for its intended use, splitting wood. The purchaser acknowledges that Old Talgai Pty Ltd is not liable for any accidents, injury or damages to the equipment or personal property caused by modifying the equipment, installing unapproved parts or use in any other way than the machines intended purpose as described in each product manual.

Warranty limit is 12 months from date of purchase for Old Talgai Branded Machines.

Warranty Parts

Old Talgai PTY LTD carries stock of most parts however we may need to place orders on our factory from time to time. Old Talgai PTY LTD will not be liable for any costs or damages associated with delays in delivery of warranty parts.

Warranty Exclusions

Items such as but not limited to hydraulic fluid, splitter head, blades, belts, bearings, couplings, tyres and parts considered as “Wearing parts” are excluded from this warranty.

Consequential Losses

By using and operating this product, the buyer and end user absolve Old Talgai Pty Ltd for any incidental or consequential losses, accidents, injury, damages, lost profit, machinery rental, damage or economic loss or any direct or indirect costs arising from use of the product regardless of legal theory.

Warranty Times

Please see table below for warranty periods.


Warranty Lenght
Effective Date
Log Splitter
WSP50 Series
1 Year
Ship Date
Portable Sawmills
2 Years
Ship Date
Sawmill Trailers
Woodlander, Bushlander Series
2 Years
Ship Date
Stump Grinder
2 Years
Ship Date
ATV Trailers
Multilander, Pathlander, Loglander Series
2 Years
Ship Date
Attachments and Accessories
1 Year
Ship Date
WC & TFPRO Series
3 Years
Ship Date

Refunds and Remedies – Australian Consumer Law

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